The price of a log house and a wooden house depends on many factors!

For the Latvian and Canadian type log building, where the second floor of the log building has a frame and is lined with imitation logs, the price ranges from 600 - 2000 EUR per floor sq.m. to the key.
We also offer only 1 step in the construction of log houses, i. wall construction and roof construction.

For Scandinavian type log buildings, unlike Latvian and Canadian type log buildings, the log walls go to the roof ridge and the roof is formed by roof logs.
The price of these log buildings ranges from 650 - 2100 EUR per floor sq.m. to the key.

The cost of a log house depends very much on the size and wishes of the customer. Therefore, the approximate costs can be determined if we know your wishes or receive a sketch of the house you want from you.

We can also offer you one of our projects.